Don’t abandon your plans

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Perhaps the most common investment advice is to stay invested. Whatever age you are, wherever you are on life’s journey, it is human nature to live in the moment and cope with whatever challenges life throws at you.

Investment goals

But it is always important to remember why you are investing. By keeping focused on your reasons for investing it will help you maintain your investment goals as well as influence how you manage your investments in future.

Selecting the most appropriate investments to align with your values and life goals requires undertaking the right planning to accumulate wealth over the long-term. Your investment goals will change throughout the course of your life so it’s essential not to abandon your plan.

Different investments

If you are investing with a goal in mind, you have probably got a date in mind too. If you have got a few goals, some may be further away in time than others, so you will probably have different strategies for your different investments.

How much time you have got to work with will have a big impact on the decisions you make. As a general rule, the longer you hold investments, the better the chance they will outperform cash – but there can never be a guarantee of this.