Generating income from investments throughout your retirement years

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If you are planning to retire in the near future, then you will need to think about how best to invest your money. Everyone wants their hard-earned money to work as hard as possible, especially if they are likely to be on a fixed income for some time. Remember that depending on where the market is at when you exit work, investments may go up or down in value.

Potential for greater returns

At retirement for most investors opting for low risk investments such as Cash Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) and bonds which are considered safer than stocks and shares, however these options also produce lower returns over time. If more riskier investments are chosen at this point then there is potential for greater returns but the capital could get depleted very quickly too.

Less risky investments for those who retire early can be found in fixed interest funds which take a lot of the risk away from the investor and aim to offer reasonable returns over time. If appropriate these types of investments could be used alongside other higher risk savings that are expected to grow much faster than cash or bonds.

Principles of investing apply

It is important that investors obtain professional financial advice before committing to any financial product or investment opportunity once retired. This will help ensure investors fully understand the possible consequences by investing in a specific product or fund.

When choosing investments, investors need to consider the level of risk they are willing to take and how a downward turn in the market would impact on their retirement income. The usual principles of investing apply – a well-diversified portfolio, with a range of assets, geographical areas and sectors.

Alternative investment option

Although there may be some benefit in taking a risk with your money, most investors once retired will aim for low risk options such as bonds and Cash ISA’s that can grow steadily over time. This form of investment may not produce the highest returns but can offer the security of knowing that your capital will still be there when needed.

Low-risk investments such as fixed interest funds also offer steady growth and are another option worth considering if you are looking for an alternative investment option at retirement age.