Retirement goal setting

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Retirement might seem a long way off but the later you leave planning for it, the less chance you have of achieving the retirement you want. The earlier you plan for it, the better your chance of achieving the retirement you want.

Some people want to spend more time with their family, while others want to enjoy long holidays and see the world, or simply wish to be financially independent. No matter what your dreams are, they rely on having sufficient pension savings to achieve them and live comfortably.

Specific retirement goals

People who are confident about their retirement are most likely to have specific retirement goals and know what steps they need to take to reach them. But sadly, some people are less certain that they will have enough savings to live comfortably after they retire.

Many people are afraid they may outlive their savings and do not have a clear idea of how much money they will need during retirement. Ideally, retirement happens when you have enough money to live on, but sometimes factors such as ill health may mean you have to cut back on working earlier than you had planned.

Having a clear direction and retirement goals can give you the peace of mind that you are on the right track.

Do you feel confident about your retirement?

Pensions can seem complex and overwhelming, and there are many reasons you might feel uncertain about your retirement plans.

  • You might be worried that you are not saving enough, but don’t feel you can afford to save more
  • You might feel ready to retire now, but you are not sure if you can rely on your current pension savings to provide enough money for the rest of your life
  • You might have experienced a change to your financial situation, including life events such as divorce, and have new concerns about whether you can save enough
  • You might have previously felt confident about your retirement plan, but the COVID-19 pandemic has derailed your savings

Do you have a plan to live life on your terms?

A positive retirement experience begins with a plan designed to help you live life on your terms. When you meet a financial adviser they ask questions about your finances, personal circumstances and retirement goals, and create a plan that is unique to you and will help you reach the retirement you’re aiming for.

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