We are financial advisers who grow your wealth and help protect the planet

We started with the idea that pensions, savings, and investments could be used as a force to reverse climate change. We had no idea just how massive the impact and influence could be or how good the investment returns are. In fact, we are now convinced it is the future of savings and will be a catalyst for the evolution of capitalism that can help lead to a sustainable future.

It seems to us that disinvesting from damaging and destructive companies is the only moral and practical choice. But far more impactful beyond that is reinvesting that money into clean and sustainable companies that are making a positive impact.

Evidence already shows that companies that prioritise environmental, social and governance issues perform better. So, do you want to be with a traditional investment manager investing in assets that are potentially going to go down in value as old industries die due to consumer demand and legislative threat? Or is it a better idea to align your money with companies that have a future?

We have a clear focus on:

Sensible, street-wise, and practical financial advice
Valued personal relationships between you and a trusted adviser
A sense of clarity and purpose for your money
Positive social and ethical environmental impact
Ethically-led investment strategies

This is your opportunity to make a massive difference. After all, why would you let your money continue to be used as a force for destruction when it could be transformed into a force for good?

I set this business up to revolutionise savings and give power to people who care about making a difference, not just for themselves and their loved ones but for the global community too.

We are passionate and purposeful about what we do, always guided by our core values. I hope you choose to join us on the path to a better future!

— David Macdonald, Founder

Our Values

Path Financial is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

We monitor and review all aspects of our business including environmental impact on a regular basis, and aim to reduce negative impacts where we can.

Where possible, we choose to deal directly with like-minded suppliers and contractors who share our values and environmental concerns and have a commitment to continually improve and monitor our environmental performance.

We are committed to operational excellence and reaching the highest quality in all our standards, with a policy of honesty and integrity at our heart.

We have been set up from scratch to ensure that everything we do is based on best-of-breed principles. This means our business is set up on proven investment models and with the most robust processes.






Our People

The people who work with Path Financial share the same vision and values to help create a fairer, better world.

We are believed to be the first financial adviser set up to deal exclusively with clients who want their money to have a positive impact.

We want to take the current dire prediction of the Earth’s future and be part of disrupting it through innovation. We are part of the growing revolution to create a new future and in doing so ensure that there even IS a future.

We think you will find it refreshing dealing with a great team of people who you put you and the planet first, rather than greed and profit!

We’re always on the look-out for the best talent around. If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you. Send a message to jobs@thepath.co.uk.



Path Financial is proud to join a global movement of organisations revolutionising for a more sustainable society.

We fully support the emerging campaigns that are exposing inequality and environmental degradation by organising, mobilising and politicising. As the planet faces crunch-time, these actions are the urgent force for systemic change imperative to ensure we even have a future.

At Path Financial we’re not afraid of dreaming big. We add our voice to the growing number of campaigns with our mission for a greener financial model. By spreading our message and carving a new way forward, we aim to disrupt the economic system so that the environment and society take centre stage.

Together, we have the power to demand a kinder world. These are just some of the major awareness-raising campaigns we support and are excited about:

Build Back Better campaigns for a coronavirus recovery plan that puts people and planet first. As Covid-19 exposes the vast inequalities of society, the organisation fights for political and social action to ensure that the most vulnerable are never left behind again.

Make My Money Matter is the movement calling for a world where we all ask how our money is invested and demand pensions to be proud of. The campaign’s goal is for the trillions of pounds in UK pensions to be reinvested towards building a better world.
Extinction Rebellion is the global movement using peaceful protest to demand governments declare a climate emergency and take action to halt climate change and mass extinction.

Risk warning:
As always with investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invest. This information should not be regarded as financial advice.


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