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At Path we think that women need to talk about money.

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    By not talking about money and by not asking the right questions about what our money is doing we are inadvertently giving up control.

    This can affect women in all sorts of ways and at every stage of their life journey – from being poorer at retirement or after another significant life event such as having children, splitting up with their partner or leaving their job.

    We believe that money is one of the last big taboos still facing women. But us not speaking about it is not making the problem go away – and in fact in many cases it is just storing up problems for the future – both our own and the planet’s.

    At Path, we know that women are twice as likely to want to invest their money in line with their values.

    Yet paradoxically, at the same time women are giving up their ability to do more of what they want to in the future by not giving the financial aspects of their lives as much attention as they could – either as a deliberate choice – or more often, even without realising it.

    Not actively taking an interest also means that many women (and men!) don’t know that their investments are propping up industries that are damaging the planet.

    We’re on a mission to start the conversation by actively talking to more women about their finances. From discussing ceding control to seeding change – we want to engage women in discussions that allow them to regain or retain financial choice, freedom, power and purpose.

    Because purpose is one of Path’s key missions – we help people to align their money with their values.

    At Path more than 50% of our customers and 30% of our adviser qualified staff are women. As well as shaping the general conversation of women and finance, we are also committed to changing the landscape for women in the financial industry – supporting and encouraging the best female talent in the industry to gain recognition and career success.

    We are passionate about empowering women in regards to their finances and their choices about where their money goes and what impact it can have. That’s why you’ll see us at events such as the Women of the World festival talking about money and asking more women to start a conversation with us – but also with their female friends – about their finances.

    Will you join us?

    Path Women – Our thoughts & journey within finance

    The Gender Pay Gap is currently 15.4% - while this has been decreasing slowly over time, the Gender Pay Gap widens for those of us aged over 40. [1]
    Women’s pension savings are on average 11% smaller by retirement than policies held by men [2] affected by the likelihood of women to undertake lower paid, part-time roles or leaving the workplace to concentrate on raising a family.
    58% of family carers in the UK are women, and women are much more likely to reduce our working hours and income to take care of elderly relatives.[3]
    Only 11% of adults in the UK have some form of estate planning in place and three in five UK adults (59%) do not have a valid Will.[4]

    Seeding Change

    Click on the boxes below for more about what women have been telling us they want to know more about – and think we need to talk to each other about – on the different stages of their financial life journey:

    Bright Beginnings

    Like a germinating seed, our financial journeys all start somewhere.

    Forging a Path

    A Sprouting plant – no longer a seed but some way off being fully grown, this stage of your life can feel a little like limbo.

    Finding Balance

    There are a lot of changes that can take place in your Growth phase – switching your career, raising a family and finding the right work / life balance.

    Time to Thrive

    Our blossoming stage of life comes with an entirely different set of financial decisions.


    Achieving financial independence is the moment when our hard work pays off and we take the step into retirement – in one way or another.

    Sowing the Seed

    While our later years are time for us to relax and enjoy our retirement, there are still areas of our personal finance that require careful management and ongoing planning.

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      Path Visual Art at WOW

      During our attendance at the WoW – Women of the World Festival, London, we had the pleasure of having the visual minute artist, Julia Miranda capture some of the thoughts, concerns and feelings of women regarding their relationship with money.

      Many spoke to Julia or the Path women on our stand, others attended and participated in the Money & Me finance panel discussion hosted by Jude Kelly, and others simply noted down their pledges to themselves, the planet and future generations on our UN SDG tree’s seed paper leaves. This beautiful piece of artwork encapsulates the different journeys that many women go on with their finances and the factors that they have to consider along the way. It’s a conversation we are proud to have started and look forward to continuing… #seedingchange 

      Latest news and blogs from Path Women

      Do you know a Dave?

      In 2019, there were more investment fund managers called ‘Dave’ than there were female investment fund managers. [5]

      In 2021, there were still more fund managers called Dave than there were women – with 68 funds run by a Dave or a David, and only 45 funds run by a female! [6]

      Women in Finance Charter

      As part of our commitment to the Women in Finance Charter, we have signed up to the following actions to promote gender diversity and inclusion:

      • Having a senior management team member who is responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion
      • Setting a target for female representation in our Senior Management team; (as well as aiming for fair female representation across all levels and areas in the business).
      • Publishing progress annually against these targets
      • Ensuring any senior management bonus scheme is linked to delivery against these internal targets on gender diversity

      Our target is to achieve or exceed 40% female representation at Senior Management level by 2025.

      In addition to our Senior Management target, we are aiming for 50% of our workforce across the business to be female as well as 50% of our management staff.

      How are we doing?

      Since signing up to the Charter we have already seen commitment to our pledged targets, with 50% of staff across the business being female (an increase of 2%), we have maintained the 43% of management positions being held by women and have made our first major step into achieving our longer term of goal of 40% female representation at senior management level with an increase to 25%.

      Path is committed to a culture of inclusion and whilst our Women in Finance targets are an essential metric to understand performance and keep our ‘feet to the fire’, we also aim to instil good working practice through recruitment, training & career progression programmes and policies which support the development of female talent within the business.

      2 keys elements are:

      1. Ensuring we support staff through flexible working and professional development.
      2. Ensuring we support female progression into senior roles, through training, supervision and mentoring.

      We believe a diverse organisation results in more diverse views and is more representative of our clients, which will ultimately lead to more success in our shared goals.


      Path Financial is a signatory to the Women in Finance Charter
      Only 17% of FCA-Approved individuals within the UK are female.[7] This figure has largely remained the same since 2005.

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