We’re one of the 5 winners of the Sky Zero Footprint Fund

We’ve been awarded the exceptional prize of a minimum of £250K in media value. It might yet be as much as £1m!

This is amazing and validating news for us as we continue our journey, allowing us to spread the word to an ever wider audience.

The Sky Zero Footprint Fund is a £2 million advertising fund set-up to accelerate and amplify business initiatives which are driving positive behavioural change for a more sustainable world.

Path Financial is the only financial company to be named a winner, after virtually pitching their business model and creative idea to a line-up of esteemed judges including advertising legend Sir John Hegarty, Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy, and Jo Coombes, founder of AdGreen.

We’ve earned this spot through helping people align their money with their values – having already worked with hundreds of families, couples and individuals to move their investments and pensions from conventional funds that could be propping up exploitative and damaging industries, to portfolios that are actively supporting solutions to the world’s problems, such as clean energy, sustainability and a circular economy.

During the judging process we explained to the judges the huge impact that moving your pension and investments can have, compared to just changing a single consumption choice. They obviously liked what they saw!

Commenting on the excellent news and the firm’s stellar growth trajectory since it was founded in 2019, David MacDonald – founder of Path Financial, said:

We are beyond thrilled to have been chosen as one of the five winners of Sky’s Zero Footprint Fund, and that the judges have recognised the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for big ideas and transformational change.

When investing or putting money into a pension, so many people don’t know that you’re not just giving money to the chosen product or business – you’re giving power. That’s why choosing where our money goes is the only way of protecting the things we really care about.

But, with Sky’s help, we can make people aware of this. Sky has recognised that, far from being boring, pensions and investments have the potential to generate a mass movement of change with genuine Net Zero impact.

We applaud their efforts and how they – like us – have chosen to have a powerful, deliberate vision and take the lead. After all, working together is the only way we can move forward and ultimately create the radical change that is needed to tackle the climate crisis.

Tim Pearson, Managing Director of Sky Media commented:

We know that each of our winners can play a key role in encouraging the nation to make small but significant changes. It’s exciting that through the process we’ve unearthed new and disruptive brands giving them a platform to amplify their message through the power of TV.

The other five winning companies are Here We Flo, OLIO, OVO Energy and Pura.

Each of the winning businesses has been awarded £250,000 in media value. They will now move into ad production, ahead of a final stage of judging in October which will see the most compelling creative securing a total of £1 million in media value.

So, look out for us on a TV near you soon!