Anna and Nick


Having reached our significant 50th birthdays and worked in a variety of private organisations during our careers, my husband and I felt it was time to review our plans for the future; a need magnified by the pandemic, as we want to spend more time with our family, rather than working all hours towards an unclear goal.

We each had several private pension pots dotted around with various providers, but we didn’t know where the funds were invested, how well they were performing or how risky they were. We were keen to consolidate these and move to investing 100% in responsible and ethical funds, reflecting our own values and concerns for our global collective future. We also wanted to get a better handle on our personal financial position and identify how many more years we needed to work to fund our retirement.

The welcoming and uncluttered home page for The Path offered to tick all these boxes, with a no obligation, free consultation. Before approaching them, we checked they were registered on the Financial Conduct Authority website, then requested an initial chat. This was arranged very soon after, where a few brief details were taken down by our friendly Financial Adviser whom, we soon realised, genuinely shared our values and concerns about the urgent need for responsible investing, so we were reassured he had a real passion for his role.

We arranged the first consultation, which was very encouraging, clearly explained and provided a good in-depth review of how things stood for us, which offered some very pleasant and unexpected surprises. We quickly realised, with much relief, that we were in a better position than we had appreciated and through some careful financial planning (via The Path) and a little budgeting on our part, we could retire much sooner than we had anticipated. It was the best 2020 Christmas present we could ask for, after a rather challenging year. The review took into account our level of risk we were willing to take with our investments and provided us with the sense of direction we needed to formulate the next steps in our plan; i.e., to prepare to sell our property and move to our ‘ideal’ home, something we’ve been dreaming about for years. To this end, we’ve had input from The Path to plan how best to fund this project, giving us peace of mind to focus on the move itself.

Throughout the whole relationship with The Path, over the last 10 months, we’ve had just the one point of contact, Jack, our Financial Adviser, who is able to clearly answer all our questions and explain financial complexity in a way we can understand. Jack is now a regular friendly voice and face in our lives. It’s still early days in our partnership with The Path, but we have visibility of our finances whenever we want, via the online platform, and any questions we have are quickly answered. The additional plus is that it’s now such a pleasure and relief to know that our investments are contributing towards a more hopeful global future, in sustainable and positive ventures. We continue to share our story with friends and family, in the hope that others will choose to follow The Path.

May 2021


Leamington Spa

I held out for a long time regarding taking on a financial adviser for my own investments. I guess I was just waiting for the right one! The Path matches my own values and principles in every way.

December 2020



So glad I switched, also bowled over by the performance of the funds in the first year.

January 2021

Diane McCrea MBE

Chair of Cynnal Cymru –
Sustain Wales

I prevaricated – changing investment managers can be tedious! Yet I knew my investments were not aligned to my core values and the Sustainable Development Goals, which is contradictory since I am so careful about what I spend my money on and the impact it, and I, have on the planet.

Changing all my investments to The Path Financial platform has been easy and certainly very rewarding in financial returns. And it also makes me feel so much better about what my money is achieving for me and my values for the future of our planet. A no brainer for me. Why didn’t I do this before? Now is the time to do this.

December 2020



I contacted the Path at the beginning of 2020. I had wanted to align my investments with my values for a long time and had only recently discovered that ‘ethical pensions’ and ‘ethical ISAs’ weren’t really all that ethical… I was, and am, particularly concerned about the Climate Crisis but also concerned about human rights issues.

I had very recently suffered a significant bereavement so I was particularly vulnerable when I contacted David. He was compassionate, understanding and highly sensitive.

David took a great deal of time to explain everything to me until I was comfortable with the terms and understood what was happening. At no point did he ever put pressure on me to make a decision.

As a person who has always been ‘good with money’ (in terms of saving) but is not ‘interested in money’ (in terms of spending a lot of my own time and energy thinking about investments), I am glad to have found The Path. I believe that I can trust them to make good decisions about what to do with my money, in line with my ethics. So far – six months in – I am entirely satisfied with the service I receive. David is also good at catching up with me about my investments, without pressuring me to be more involved than I want to be.

November 2020



I wanted to thank you and the rest of the team at The Path for the excellent service I have received from you so far.

When I initially contacted you I knew my future financial plans were in complete disarray on various levels, but was unsure how to make it all come together. The way forward was explained very clearly and I am now satisfied that not only am I investing positively, but that my future should be secure. Before contacting the Path I had had various meetings with other companies but never felt at all confident in their plans, claims or methods, let alone valued as an individual. I came away more confused than before!

Thank you for your patience Paul as I tried to get to grips with what needed to happen and the various choices involved. You have been generous with your time and understood what I was struggling with, never having been interested in, or able to grasp, even some of the basics in financial planning and investment. You seem to have understood my priorities and needs and reassured me that there was also a measure of flexibility in my decisions.

The main thing I appreciate though is obviously the focus on integrity in business and on ethical investment. I sense an excitement throughout your organisation about the future of your type of set-up and wish you well.

I look forward to our future involvement.

November 2020



Having worked with a few financial advisors over recent years, when we found The Path we quickly realised they were exactly what we had been looking for.

Not only do they absolutely know their way around the technicalities of investing in eco funds, but importantly they go out of their way to understand their clients needs at an emotional level.

Having this kind of rapport, and knowing they are always there to assist, without doubt made the sometimes tricky world of investments a more comfortable place for us.

With their expertise, we now feel grateful for having the opportunity to do our bit towards being a little kinder to our planet.

July 2021

Becky and Roy


We are so impressed with the quality of service provided by The Path, in particular how quickly they respond to enquiries and keep us updated on the progress of transactions. We always feel they are just a phone call or email away and that they know and understand our requirements so we don’t need to keep repeating them to different people. It’s very much a personal service. David and his team have listened and delivered exactly what we wanted.

Neither of us is very experienced in the field of financial investment but the advice provided to us has given us a great understanding of how pensions and investments work and what our options are. David has always been very transparent and explained the risks involved so we could decide which course of action would suit us best.

In these very uncertain times, we had braced ourselves for potential slow or even negative growth in our investments however, we have been very pleasantly surprised by the healthy return we have seen in the last 6 months, since our portfolio was setup. We realise this is a long-term investment and there will be dips and peaks but it’s certainly a very encouraging start. We find the dashboard very easy to use, and enjoy finding out more about the funds involved and where the money is doing good around the world.

Before finding The Path, we had spoken to a few other financial advisers who had been recommended to us, and while they clearly understood their own products and services, they had very little clue about ethical investments. When we asked about how we could use our money to fund environmental and social projects one adviser told us that we might as well give our money to Greenpeace! It’s such a relief to find a company that understands and share our values, and has clearly shown us that looking after the planet and providing for our future financial security are not mutually exclusive.

We have recommended The Path to family and friends – especially those who like us are involved in environmental activism. We feel that although other companies are beginning to offer some ethical options, they simply do not compare with The Path where ethical considerations at the core of everything they do and the very reason they exist.

October 2020



I first met David on a busy afternoon in London. I was intrigued and had some inheritance money to invest, so decided to size him up. David won me over immediately with his relaxed, friendly approach. He presented The Path to me and explained his goals and I was instantly hooked.

Looking back now that I am terminally ill, I feel so blessed to have found David just in time. It never felt right to me to have my money in corporations that are damaging the planet.

Finally, I can rest easy knowing my dad’s money (and my own) is now in good hands doing what is best for the planet.

My partner and I are so grateful to David for providing such green investment options, and we are with him 100% as The Path grows from strength to strength.

October 2020

Risk warning:
As always with investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invest. This information should not be regarded as financial advice.


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Sita Bhageerutty
Sita Bhageerutty
10:03 17 Jun 21
Amazing service - Paul was attentive, patient and completely efficient in helping us to grow our... weath, whilst also investing ethically. We have already seen a difference in 6 months and I have peaceof mind, that I am doing my best to invest ethically.read more
Jo Zaremba
Jo Zaremba
18:22 26 Dec 20
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