Performace Section with Graph


In our view, it is a proven myth that you need to sacrifice on performance, in order for your pension and investments to behave better.

One of the first things we can do for you is to provide an analysis of the performance of your existing funds against our carefully curated portfolios, so that you can make your own mind up.

The graph shows the comparative performance of an example impact investment portfolio against a non-impact industry benchmark (ARC) and the FTSE 100 Index. We have included a selection of underlying impact funds for illustration purposes. These are all funds that would be considered for inclusion in your investment portfolio with Path Financial, though they do not represent a complete portfolio.

It’s vital to remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance, however, the graph does show that impact investment strategies can outperform more traditional investment portfolios, with the added benefit of doing good for the planet and its populations.