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by | Jan 1, 2020 | Press Release

New financial advice firm established specifically to tackle the climate emergency launches recruitment drive for more financial advisers to join its growing network

Impact investment company Path Financial is launching a recruitment drive for financial advisers whose New Year resolution is to help tackle the climate emergency.

Path Financial, set up in 2019 by David Macdonald who previously had a successful financial practice within a well-known national firm, has been established specifically to not only do no harm in terms of where its clients’ financial investments are placed but to actively help the climate by investing in portfolios which in one way or another are all having a positive impact on the planet.

Explaining why other financial advisers should follow his lead and focus solely on offering impact investments to their clients who are investing in pensions and ISAs, David says: “We’re the first financial adviser set up with a clean sheet of paper to address the issue of climate change. It’s not something that is part of our business. It is our whole business model.

“There is often an assumption that there has to be a trade-off in performance if you want to invest in a way that has a positive impact. All our evidence is that the reverse is true and the returns for customers are only set to increase. After all, it seems inevitable to me that financial returns will be found in the solutions to the climate crisis and not in the dying industries that are causing the problems.”

Path Financial believes that concern about climate change and growing awareness of where their money is currently invested will lead to increasing consumer demand to invest money in a way that actively helps the climate, and that there is a growing understanding that many ‘ethical’ funds may not be as beneficial to the environment as is commonly thought. It says independent financial advisers will only benefit by making the move to offering this kind of impact investment portfolio now and making the move early to become part of Path Financial’s growing network.

Adds Mr. Macdonald: “I’d be interested to hear from any financial adviser who like me wants to use their expertise to make a positive contribution to the climate emergency, while still providing sound financial advice to their clients.

“We believe that every £20K invested with Path Financial is the equivalent of taking one car off the road. We want to help create a movement of people who think about where their money is invested and deliberately choose to put their money where it will do the climate most good. We believe financial advisers can play an important role in helping the planet while at the same time ensuring that people’s savings grow – it doesn’t have to be one thing or the other.”

Advisers wishing to find out more about joining Path Financial should visit or phone David Macdonald on 0333 050 3300.

Path Financial is a national network of independent financial advisers set up by founder David MacDonald. Path Financial’s mission is to help tackle the climate crisis through the portfolio of investments it offers to its clients.

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