The Make My Money Matter campaign launches today

We are wishing Richard Curtis and his team at Make My Money Matter well with the launch of their campaign today.

The public does not want to make a financial return from lung cancer and climate destruction. They find it immoral and repugnant. Yet most workplace pensions and personal pension fund managers persist in investing in tobacco and fossil fuel companies.

We have been calling on the public to ‘vote with their money’ to change this scandalous position but awareness of the problem is low.

This is why Path Financial welcomes such a high-profile campaign, especially now when we need to build back better.

Our research shows that even £20,000 shifted from an ‘old style’ pension to a fund with more sustainable investments can take more than one car off the road. Not only that but the evidence is now irrefutable that the financial returns are better. As the first financial adviser in the UK set up with tackling climate change at the heart of our ethos we call on everybody who wants to see a better world to heed Make My Money Matter’s message. Please get in touch to do your bit or help share the message!