We’ve been shortlisted for the prestigious Sky Zero Footprint Fund!

We’re delighted to announce that Path has achieved the incredible result of being shortlisted for the high-profile Sky Zero Footprint Fund – and is the only financial firm to have done so.

This £2m initiative was established by Sky as part of its Sky Zero campaign to be Net Zero by 2030 and has been designed to support brands that are committed to driving positive behavioural change, amplify their environmental messages and accelerate their missions of creating a more sustainable future – all through the power of TV and advertising.

A strong and cast line-up of media agencies, creative agencies and brands entered into the process to be in with a chance of securing up to £1 million in advertising support, with only 10 making the shortlist and being chosen to progress to stage 2 of the judging process which will determine the top five places.

We are proud to say that not only are we one of the youngest companies to have made the list, with our founder David setting us up in 2019, but we are also the only financial company to have made it. Others, that we are proud to sit alongside, include Here We Flo, Eden Project, Ocean Bottle, OVO, Tesco, Brewdog, Unilever (Persil), OLIO and Pura.

We have earned this spot through our work in helping families, couples and individuals to put their money where their values are and move their pensions and investments from conventional funds, that could be propping up exploitative and extractive industries such as coal mining and deforestation, to portfolios that are actively supporting solutions to the world’s problems. This includes renewal energy, green technologies, clean water, rebuilding habitats, healthcare, education, human rights and more.

We do this because we know it to be the simplest way that consumers can contribute toward a better, more sustainable future – as well as the only way that is impactful enough to force change at the speed that is now needed.

And our efforts are paying off. Since Path Financial’s inception, our team has grown to 15 passionate and purposeful advisers, we have helped hundreds of investors to make the sustainable switch and have over £50m under of advice – all of which is now helping the UK to reach its Net Zero targets.

Here’s what our founder, David Macdonald, had to say…

We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Sky Zero Footprint Fund. To have our efforts towards tackling climate change recognised in this way, alongside the likes of Eden Project, Unilever and Ocean Bottle, is such a huge honour.

When I first set up Path Financial in 2019, I could see that there was this huge gap in the market that no one was stepping into, and an opportunity to benefit the planet for future generations that no one was bothering to consider. And, for a while, I felt like I was out there by myself – with very few even talking about sustainable investment, let alone doing anything about it.

But times have changed, and this shortlisting has come as extremely welcome encouragement that what we’re doing at Path Financial is so important in not only securing people their retirement, but creating a future worth retiring into.

We’re so excited for the next steps of this process and look forward to sharing more of our ideas and goals with the judges in the second round of this process.

The top five brands will go on to share the £2 million pot of media value between them, with each guaranteed at least £250,000 and the overall winner securing a staggering £1 million pounds of media value for its campaign. The winners will be announced in July, with the £1m winner judged and selected in October.

To find out more about this initiative, please visit: https://www.skymedia.co.uk/skyzerofootprintfund/