News and Analysis | Richard Ravelin | April 12, 2022

We’re a Good Egg!

Just in time for Easter, we’re delighted to have been awarded a Good Egg mark from Good With Money.

We join just six other companies with the Good Egg mark, making it easier for people to find responsible financial businesses that are doing the right thing and making a positive impact for the environment and society.

The mark is awarded to businesses following detailed analysis of multiple criteria by Good With Money’s research partner, Ethical Screening. This determines how well a provider measures up against a range of different environmental, social and industry impact factors.

The advisory panel commended us for our:

  • Focus on measurable impact, gender and diversity
  • Critical thinking about and challenges to funds offered under positive impact banners
  • Pledge to be net zero by 2022
  • Portfolio analysis against the SDGs
  • Inclusion of samples from our ESG ratings partners
  • Our climate solutions portfolio, created specifically for customers looking to tackle the climate emergency with their pensions and investments.

This comes just after receiving B Corp status, and is yet further validation for our ethical and positive impact strategy. As the first – and only – financial adviser set up with positive impact at the heart of all we do, it’s been amazing to see the traction we have gained over a relatively short period of time.

We show people the path to financial security and freedom with sensible, down-to-earth planning. Our client funds are invested in a way which is positive and sustainable for people and planet, as well as providing superior investment returns.

We are giving a loud voice to our clients, allowing them to exercise consumer choices which reflect their values and give power to their role as shareholders in the businesses of the world.

We are now very much a force to be reckoned with and we are proud to add the Good Egg Mark to our achievements. We have a very clear mission which includes transparency, engagement and being part of a collective call for change through our social and environmental commitments.

Good Egg Mark