News and Analysis | Path | June 10, 2022

Welcoming Jude Kelly CBE to our Steering Group!

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Jude Kelly CBE to our Steering Group.

Jude Kelly CBE is Founder and CEO of The WOW Foundation which runs WOW – Women of the World Festivals – to celebrate the achievements of women and girls and confront gender injustice across the globe.

She was the Artistic Director of Southbank Centre in London for 12 years from 2006 to 2018. In February 2013 she was named as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK by BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Kelly’s talk at a 2016 TED conference, Why women should tell the stories of humanity, has been viewed more than 1.8million times to date. In 2018 she co-founded SmartPurse, a financial educational toolkit for women, with Olga Miler. 

This high-profile appointment is intended to ensure that at Path Financial, we continue to lead the way in offering values-driven financial advice choice to our customers. 

As well as encouraging investors to think more carefully about where their money is invested and the harm it may be doing to the planet, we want to empower women with their finances, to allow them to regain or retain financial choice, freedom, power and purpose at every stage of their lives. You can read some of our financial advice for women at different life stages here.

We are expecting Jude to hold our feet to the fire and make sure we practice what we preach by offering a financial choice that is driving change, and by offering our female customers the best possible advice to help them to take control of their finances.

Jude says:

Giving confidence and expertise to anyone who has traditionally been excluded from the financial conversation – in particular women – will change the way we use and think about our money.

Values driven and planet conscious are distinguishing beliefs that newcomers are bringing and Path Financial are excited to encourage and support this significant shift and growth.

Jude Kelly CBE appointed to Path Financials' Advisory Board