How to change the world – top tips from TYF Group’s Andy Middleton

Andy Middleton, founder of TYF Group, a B Corp based in St Davids, Wales and one of the UK’s top sustainability influencers, shares some of his own alternative top tips for tackling climate change.

  • Never complain or criticise anything anyone is doing without offering a solution. Whenever you can, give people an inspiring idea of what they could do differently, an article to read or a contact to help them.
  • Choose to help businesses that want to do the right things all of the time, not just some of the time – that’s why I moved my pension to Path Financial.
  • Believe in the power of individual action – let go of the idea that you can’t make a difference – you absolutely can. I like to give the example from a friend who wrote to her local council and got helium balloons banned; all it took was one letter for them to pass a new policy.
  • We all have more time on our hands now with COVID. So make the most of it. Use it to connect with someone to make a difference. Use the extra time you have to think about how you can help things change faster and at bigger scale.
  • Build young people’s confidence by giving them real world challenges – they haven’t got the same constraints when thinking about what is and isn’t possible as adults can have. It builds their confidence and could give you a bright idea or two to work with.
  • If people are doing a great job – tell them. If your local councillor does something and you like it let them know. Send them a note or write them a Facebook post. It’s really hard being on the frontline – even a single note to encourage them or say thank you helps leaders keep going.
  • Believe in the power of stories – it’s the stories that make the difference that move the actions. Practice the story you most want to tell about the future you’re helping to build.
  • Try and find people who are doing the right thing. Ask great questions and learn from them. Ask for help with projects that are so exciting they can’t say no.
  • Be kind. Say thank you. You’ll never know what a difference your kind words could make. It could change a life.
  • Practice the art of letting go of failure. We’re the only species that does it; all others experiment, learn and move on – that’s what we need to do, at work, at home and in our communities.