how your ISA can help fight climate change

Fighting the climate emergency is more urgent than ever before. Investing without regard for social and environmental effects has contributed to the climate crisis we find ourselves in today.

But there’s an answer. Transfer your ISA with The Path to invest in the sustainable economy of the future. 

Whether it’s your first ISA or you’re looking to move to a greener fund, we can help you to clearly understand your ISA options, take control of your savings and transfer your ISA in line with your ethical values to create a better world.

Your ISA doesn’t have to be just a dull tax-free savings account. Join us in making your savings a positive force for change.

Green ISAs: save for your – and the planet’s – future

If you want to invest in a way that will help the climate crisis it’s important to know the difference between green, impact and ethical ISAs.

‘Green ISAs’ is a bit of a catch all term to define ISAs that help address climate change. At The Path the ‘green ISAs’ we offer are positive impact ISAs which means we positively include companies that make a positive impact on the environment, contributing to a sustainable future.

We are the first financial advisers set up in the UK specifically to tackle the climate crisis. And while ethical ISAs are certainly a step in the direction, we go even further.

Ethical ISAs – what’s the problem?

An ‘ethical’ ISA aims to achieve positive returns while screening out companies involved in harmful or exploitative activities. Ethical investing generally excludes investments such as alcohol, tobacco, armaments, gambling and pornography. However, polluting companies that cause damage to the environment are often seen as acceptable in ethical investment portfolios.

At The Path, we offer our customers – and the climate – a better solution.

Our difference – Positive Impact ISAs

Our Positive Impact ISAs take place within an ethical framework, not only excluding companies that have a negative impact, but purposefully investing with companies that are actively producing renewable energy, developing green technologies, sustainably managing forests, or applying innovative business models that combat climate degradation.

Our Positive Impact ISAs are compiled to strict criteria to ensure that your money is only invested in socially responsible companies that pass our social, environmental and ethical tests.

Invest your annual maximum ISA allowance of £20,000 in one of our portfolios, grow your savings pot with tax-free income and help reduce CO2 emissions, generate renewable energy and contribute to social justice, alongside many other positive environmental impacts.

Our positive impact ISA review service

We’ll arrange for you to meet or speak with one of our ISA experts.  Your adviser’s primary focus is to help you make the right financial decisions for you. Your adviser will consider your current wealth and financial circumstances, along with your life and financial goals, so that they can offer you the best advice possible.

We can show you where your ISAs are currently invested.  You might be surprised to learn that the typical UK ISA fund has up to 1/3 of its investments in companies that are negatively impactful on people and planet.  We can make all of this visible to you and also align your ISA investments better with your risk profile, and probably improve your diversification too. 

This advice is not restricted to our products and services – it takes into account all of your circumstances, irrespective of whether they ultimately interact with The Path’s ISA or investment proposition.

It might be that what we offer means The Path is not right for you – we will explain why this is the case and we will always try to point you in the right direction if we can’t help.

How easy is it to transfer my ISA?

Transferring your existing ISA to a positive impact pension with The Path is straightforward. Typically, it usually takes around 2 weeks for an ISA transfer to complete. It can take longer, depending on your existing provider. We can help you find where your existing ISAs are held if you are not sure how to locate them.

The Path - Your Financial Revolution Clean and renewable energy
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The Path - Your Financial Revolution Sustainable products and packaging
The Path - Your Financial Revolution Financial service provision in developing nations
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The Path - Your Financial Revolution Infant formula where the retail or manufacture contravenes international guidelines
The Path - Your Financial Revolution Breeding, rearing, trapping animals for the fur trade
The Path - Your Financial Revolution Animal testing for cosmetic purposes
The Path - Your Financial Revolution The manufacture and retailing of alcohol
The Path - Your Financial Revolution Production, distribution and retailing of pornography
The Path - Your Financial Revolution Consumer credit companies offering high rate loans and doorstep lenders
We believe that every £20K invested with The Path is the equivalent of taking one car off the road. We want to help create a movement of people who think about where their money is invested and deliberately choose to put their money where it will do the climate most good.
David Macdonald, Founder, The Path

Risk warning:
As always with investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invest. This information should not be regarded as financial advice.

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