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Where positive change meets positive returns.

We believe our impact investment model is the future of finance. Our philosophy is that by investing today in the ground-breaking solutions for tomorrow, your wealth can work harder for you, for society and for the environment.

Put simply, it’s businesses with strong ESG commitments that are driving growth by driving change. Innovative companies and technologies are outperforming industry benchmarks, with some of the best investment returns.

By pioneering a new thoughtful way of investing, we empower individuals to align their finances with their values – and put people, planet and performance first.

Our investment services


Wealth Management

We offer specialist advice in a range of areas providing you with a robust and personalised strategy to help secure your financial future.


ISA Transfers

Transfer your ISA to move from polluting to protecting the world



Invest in a new fund to create change you can believe in.


Fund Transfers

We can help you transfer your existing fund to invest in the sustainable economy of the future.

 I first met David on a busy afternoon in London. I was intrigued and had some inheritance money to invest, so decided to size him up. David won me over immediately with his relaxed, friendly approach. He presented Path Financial to me and explained his goals and I was instantly hooked.

Looking back now that I am terminally ill, I feel so blessed to have found David just in time. It never felt right to me to have my money in corporations that are damaging the planet.

Finally, I can rest easy knowing my dad’s money (and my own) is now in good hands doing what is best for the planet.

My Partner and I are so grateful to David for providing such green investment options, and we are with him 100% as Path Financial grows from strength to strength.

Sam, Woking

Investment with Intention

Our impact investment strategy is geared towards supporting a more resilient, green economy by investing in companies actively helping the world. We ensure we invest in only the very best businesses by:

Screening out companies involved in harmful, exploitative and polluting activities;
Using the UN SDGs as a framework to positively screen companies;
Outsourcing every step to leading experts in respective fields after an extensive due diligence and selection exercise;
Fund managers and portfolio companies proactively tracking, measuring and reporting on the social and environmental impact of the businesses we invest in;
Analysing best-of-breed impact funds and working closely with our funds, monitoring policies and practices, always pushing for positive change.

Who We Invest In

Our wide portfolio of funds contributes to building a sustainable future. Businesses producing renewable energy, developing green technologies, sustainably managing forests, applying innovative business models that combat climate degradation and developing healthcare.

We empower people to use their shareholder power to bring about vital change – in business, in politics and in society.

Using your investments to influence corporate behaviour can accelerate reform, drive evermore environmental solutions and ensure ethical practices that protect the most vulnerable in society.


The graph shows the comparative performance of an example impact investment portfolio against a non-impact industry benchmark (ARC) and the FTSE 100 Index. We have included a selection of underlying impact funds for illustration purposes. These are all funds that would be considered for inclusion in your investment portfolio with Path Financial, though they do not represent a complete portfolio.

It’s vital to remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance, however, the graph does show that impact investment strategies can outperform more traditional investment portfolios, with the added benefit of doing good for the planet and its populations.

Choose impact investment for people, planet and performance.

Risk warning:
As always with investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invest. This information should not be regarded as financial advice.


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