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“They blew our assumptions out of the water”

Neena and Stefan Atkinson, from Suffolk, run a coaching and organisational development company. Here, they explain why they recently made the switch to Path, and how it’s enabled them to take in a family from war-torn Ukraine.

Stefan says:

Why is it a good idea to do good things? It’s very easy to ignore where your money goes. History is full of people investing in the stock market and not caring very much, so as long as they benefit financially. But we wanted to do things differently, so we’re trying to invest mindfully.

One of the reasons the couple got in touch with Path was because they wanted to find more information about their retirement, and had assumed that they would be working into their 70s with their current financial situation. They didn’t want to be – as they put it – a ‘slave to the pay cheque’.

They blew our assumptions out of the water,

says Stefan,

we were labouring under big assumptions over what we had and what it meant for the future, so it was a very liberating experience.

Neena adds:

I like the fact that Path conduct a ‘no commitment conversation’ with you, because they want the relationship to work in both directions. You don’t feel that you need to commit if you don’t want to.

Making the switch to Path is not only helping Neena and Stefan to do good for the environment, but it’s also helped in other ways. The couple has converted their garage into a two-bedroom home with kitchen and living space, as well as a garden area, in order to provide a home for refugees fleeing the conflict from Ukraine.

Neena explains:

I never knew we could use the money in this way, but the team at Path made us realise that financially, this was something we could do. They played a large part in us making this choice, as they were able to map out the whole picture of our finances.

We did a major conversion of the building and now we have been able to take in Yana and Sofia, a mother and daughter who have fled from Kyiv, Ukraine. This felt like something that was important – and it was.

Stefan adds:

The advisers at Path are very skilled with your finances, what you need and how you can make your assets work in a way which allows you to live your life as you want to live.

"Path Financial blew our assumptions out of the water"

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